On-site, Online

I am now offering contactless technical support through Kanga Support using remote access technology from as little as $100 an hour!* We support all platforms, whether you’re a Mac user, a PC user (or even a mobile or Linux user) and are happy to help with all of your SaaS requirements, as well as your home or remote office computer woes.

Whilst most problems can be resolved remotely, where it’s absolutely necessary we can offer a local pick-up and drop off service. All equipment will be disinfected before it is returned!

(* Plus GST. Minimum charge $110, then billed at $55 per half hour or part thereof.)

About Swimming Echidna

Based in Dulwich Hill in Sydney, Australia, Swimming Echidna provides a range of technical and organisational services such as desktop support, network maintenance, online development and other business support services.

About Chris Bell

With thirty years of Internet industry and I.T. experience, Chris brings a wide range of skills to your organisation. A compulsive problem solver, he has an extensive track record of delivering solutions across a broad scope of platforms.

Customer Testimonials

“Chris assisted with a problem that we were having integrating our shopping cart with our social media presence. Within a few minutes he had identified the source of the problem, and within the hour we were back up and running. He fixed a couple of other problems he found while he was at it, too!” – Adrian Black, Curator, Hunter Galleries

“Chris clearly explained the remote access process and reassured me that I would be able to see what he was doing as he worked around my computer. He also asked me what I wanted and recommended other options that would benefit me as I used the computer. Chris worked very skilfully and quickly and explained as he went. I felt like I understood a little more about my computer than I had before. When the session was finished, he reassured me that when he logged off, the remote session would end and my computer was back in my control again. I am very grateful for Chris and will definitely use him again for all things computer.” – Philippa Cristaudo, Dulwich Hill

“Chris designed and built a solution that allowed us to integrate the house sound in our venue with our public address by streaming it over WiFi using our existing song library and iPad. He’s also turned out to be an invaluable source of advice in running our sound production and of technical assistance for our performers. Chris is always an absolute delight to deal with, patient and professional, takes time to clearly explain everything in terms that we can understand and his implementations have gone above and beyond our expectations in regards to improving our customer and performer experience. Very highly recommended.” – Caroline Buckingham, Owner/ Licensee, Butchers Brew Bar